Absenteeism, Incapacity, Diversity and Change Management


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Absenteeism, Incapacity, Diversity and Change Management

Our Services:

  • Strategy and policy development and review
  • Absenteeism tracking, analysis of absenteeism profiles monitoring and management tools
  • Assessing the impact of absenteeism in the workplace
  • Advisory services on the validity of sickness absenteeism (Sick leave trend analysis) and incapacity management
  • Review of high frequency absenteeism
  • Functional/work capacity and fitness for duty assessment
  • Ill-health and incapacity assessment
  • Sick notes investigations and authentication
  • Environmental assessment
  • Disability workforce audits
  • Training on Absenteeism management (targeting managers, organized labour and employees)
  • Training on Managing Diversity in the workplace (targeting managers, organized labour and employees
  • Disability awareness educational sessions
  • Managing change
  • Health Risks Management

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