Employee Wellness Programs


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A healthy workplace is a great investment for any organization.


Health and Wellness Strategy and Policy Development & review

  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Substance abuse management
  • Trauma debriefing and defusing
  • Mental Health
  • HIV/AIDS and Chronic Diseases/illness

Professional counseling and advisory services (face to face and telephone)

Wellness/Lifestyle Management

  • General health screenings (BP, Cholestrol, glucose, BMI, Massage, Cancer screening, vaccinations, fitness assessment, diet & nutrition advisory services
  • Health Awareness campaigns/Wellness days (screening and case management of high-risk illnesses, National Health Observance Calendar
  • Executive Health Program (Annual pathology and medical examinations, lifestyle coaching, wellness campaigns for executives, customized individual programs.

Employee’s Financial Wellness

  • Financial impact analysis
  • Personal Financial Management and Budgeting educational sessions
  • Debt management and counseling
  • Executive Wellness Services
  • HIV, AIDS, STI and TB (HAST)
  • Policy and strategy development and review
  • HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) {Onsite and Off-site)
  • Educational information sessions
  • Prevalence and impact assessment
  • Knowledge Attitudes, Behavior and Perceptions (KABP) Surveys
  • Disease Management
  • Communication/information dissemination strategy
  • Prevention and awareness strategy
  • Peer education training
  • HIV and AIDS management in the workplace
  • Business impact Assessment
  • Care, support, treatment and lifestyle strategy
  • HR best practices
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Events management (WAD, Candle Light, etc.)
  • Train the Trainer
  • Industry-based training, e.g. Transport, Education, Health, etc.
  • SETA Accredited Training Programmes aligned to the National Qualifications Framework
  • HR Value Proposition

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